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Growing Businesses From The Bottom Up

For 15 years we’ve been helping local businesses realize their potential.

What We Do


Giving your business the structure it has been missing in order to allow organic and intentional growth from the inside out.

Website Design

Our designers can create a website that provides your customers with the best online experience possible. With over 20 years of experience with UI/UX, our designers work to tailor each website to your specific needs.

Graphic Design

Along with online design, we can also help you get your message and intentions through in print.

Offline Marketing

We see offline marketing as an important facet of business growth. We work with you to come up with effective strategies to best market your business and capture your audience’s attention through different means.

Social Media

Our highly skilled software engineers will work with you to give you a presence on the web. We specialize in front- and back-end development to build high-quality websites.

Customer Service Support

We offer personalized customer service support for your business, and can handle your inbound and outbound calls to heighten efficiency and take pressure off of you. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep your customers happy and address any needs they may have.

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Graphic Design

Business Management

Why Choose Think Start Build

Productive Websites

Think Start Build is pleased to offer efficient, purposeful website design for your growing business. We work directly with you to identify and implement your needs.

Easy for Visitors to Use

Think Start Build websites are modern and simple to use to help your visitors find what they need.

Upgrade or Downgrade as Desired

If your business needs additional aid as you move forward, we are happy to provide alternative services to best suit your needs. You can also choose to discontinue the use of specific services as needed.

Make Changes When Needed

You can have us update your website as often as needed. Let us know what you want us to change and we will take care of the rest.

No Hidden Fees

Prices are discussed and remain consistent to eliminate any unpleasant surprises. This helps you budget without the worry of extra fees. Unlimited editing is included.

Public Pricing

We believe that everyone deserves fair pricing. This is why our prices are the same for everyone as a flat hourly rate.

What they say about us

” We were really behind in a lot of our paper and we also really wanted to get everything into system. We hired Christina and her team to help us get there. Because Christina and her team were able to work so efficiently we finished the contract early and was able to move forward with a process that Christina set my company on. “

Corey Williams

Business Development

” We had Think Start Build come in and design a website for us. We did not know how to build a website. Christina’s team not only built us a website; they added all of our pictures in and our content to the site. They made our website extremely user friendly and very professional.”

Sarah Anderson

Web Design

Think start build and their team has really helped out company get out from filing bankruptcy. They helped us get from having to close the doors and loose money to being able to turn everything around and make over 100,000 with in our contract term.

Dean Hathaway

Operative Industries Ltd.
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