About Us

About Us

Websites are now alternative business locations that exist online so they merit the same attention as business offices and retail stores. Go beyond website design and coding and benefit from the expertise of the marketing professionals at Think Start Build.

Do it yourself websites distract owners from their businesses and require long hours to create and maintain.

Learning Software Customizing Design Creating Content Website Management Monthly Updates can take hours to days, days to weeks, to eventually never doing it.

How we got start and why?

The owner, Christina Manalastas, of Think Start build grew up with always seeing her favorite business close down. She hated to see that. So knew that when she grew up she wanted to do what she could to help them stay up. She wrapped her whole education and career with knowing about small business and their success. She graduated high school early and went to college got a bachelors in Small business and Entrepreneurship while working for sales and event marketing. When she finished college she focused on working for a company who focused on helping small business succeed. A few short years later the owner of that company decided to retire and close up. So Christina went to work for sales again, until she got the funds to open her Business Developing company. 


Our designer, visualizer, and marketing for all accounts. We have a few select Professional teams that manage our designs for all accounts.




The helper of helpers. All around office helper, helps build websites, helps manage all accounts, send out products for all accounts, is there for everything.




Our accounts department manage all accounts and the billing.


Accounts and Billing


With the love for small business' and their owners, we decided we wanted to help those failing or needing improving. With a major in business and entrepreneurship and experience in business developing; we decided to take things to a whole new level.


Sales Team

Why Partner with Think Start Build

Productive Websites
You're in business to succeed, so we build websites that draw more visitors and report easy to understand statistics.

Easy for Visitors to Use
Think Start Build websites are modern and simple to use to help your visitors find what they need.

Upgrade or Downgrade as Desired
You can add or remove pages or enhancements at any time. Just tell us what to add or remove and we will make it happen.

Public Pricing
We think everyone deserves fair pricing. That's why our prices are the same for everyone.

No Hidden Fees
All are prices are one flat rate and published to eliminate surprises and help you budget.

Make Changes When Needed
You can update your website as often as needed. Let us know what you want us to change and we will take care of the rest.