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How we got started and Why?

Websites are now necessary parts of any successful business. They are alternative business locations that exist online, and they merit the same attention as physical locations and retail stores. We saw a need for the development of these non-concrete business aspects, and we wanted to aid businesses in building this aspect to supplement their success.


Nina Manalastas, owner and founder of Think Start Build, grew up seeing her favorite small businesses close down. She hated seeing these businesses fail, so she decided that when she grew up she wanted to do everything she could to help businesses thrive. Her education and career has been built around an understanding of the operations and success of small businesses. Nina graduated high school early and went on to receive a Bachelors in Small Business and Entrepreneurship while working in sales and event marketing. Upon her college graduation, she discovered her passion for business-building while working for a company that focused on helping small businesses succeed. After the retirement of that company, Nina worked hard to earn the funds to start her own business developing company, which we now know as Think Start Build. Welcome to Nina’s passion!