Think Start Build is built to help you grow your business. Christina Manalastas. build business

What is Think Start Build?

Grow your business with Think Start Build, it is what we focus. We have all heard some of the scary-sounding statistics about small businesses. That fewer than half of all startups are still in operation five years after they open. The U.S. Census Bureau states near 25% of companies are still in operation after 10 years in business. That doesn’t sound promising for a small company at its beginning, nor for a struggling small business. Have you ever wondered why some small businesses seem to flourish, and others crash? Think Start Build is here to help grow your business!


Think Start Build was started to address for those exact issue, to grow your business from the bottom up.  Our founder and CEO, Nina, grew up watching her favorite local businesses close, and she hated it.  After graduating high school early, Nina decided to pursue Small Business and Entrepreneurship Bachelor’s degree. While working in business developing she discovered her passion for business. She interned for a small company that focused on helping small businesses succeed through sales and marketing. When meeting their clients, Nina saw how most of these businesses were still not succeeding because of inside failure. This sparked Nina’s idea to start her own company that addresses the needs of small businesses. These needs include administrative work, bookkeeping, website development, online presence and social media marketing, and offline marketing.

Thus, Think Start Build began!

Nina has a background in small business operation and management. She has many certificates in social media, web development, business consulting, business development, and programs like Windows and Microsoft. She was aware of the challenges of starting a small business, as well as the most efficient and successful ways to help businesses grow. 




For many new businesses, bookkeeping and administration is one of the more difficult aspects of operating smoothly and efficiently. For this reason, we offer admin and bookkeeping services to business owners. Some services including admin support, managing files, CRM,  processing invoices, receipts, payments, and other financial transactions. More accounting services, like a payroll system, and managing your accounts receivable and accounts payable. If all of that sounds overwhelming and confusing, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for! This is where we start to grow your business. 

For established businesses that realize they could use a little extra help, we are also happy to provide our services! This is where we truly grow your business. We have extensive experience taking care of messy books, fixing under-performing social media, marketing to further audiences, and lead generation.


We have many options for services that address the exact needs of each business we work with. We offer a comprehensive social media package for business owners to choose from. For businesses in need of more effective marketing, or who would like to update or improve their social media.  We can effectively manage all social media platforms depending on the needs of the business. We can create polls, giveaways, contests, and original content like blog posts for your business as part of social media


See our services that Think Start Build offers and our packages that can help you and your business succeed.




Think Start Build is built to help you grow your business. Christina Manalastas. build business

Do you have a business idea you don’t know what to do with?
Have you done a little research on how to begin, but feel stuck?
Are you trying to find resources to help you with this long and arduous process?

When beginning a new business, a lot of effort must go into the idea and the plan. It is absolutely necessary to be prepared when pursuing something as monumental as starting a business. It might seem easy and exciting at first, and then you might realize how much work it is. Hard work is the reality of the small business, and we at Think Start Build understand that fact intimately. As we are a small business ourselves. We understand what it takes to be prepared for the endeavor of beginning. Think Start build can help you create the foundation of a successful and efficient business. Then, you can…



Think Start Build is built to help you grow your business. Christina Manalastas. build businessOnce the foundation is set, you can finally begin! There are so many things to keep track of as a business owner. Including financial information, customers and clients, logistics, advertising, marketing, employees, prospects, and other details that contribute to business operation. Regardless of whether there are two employees or 2000. We can help you establish your business after you open your (literal or figurative) doors to your customers. We can help you market your product or service and reach audiences you weren’t even aware of. Grow your business from the beginning is vital to the success of the business moving forward.



If you do not have your business foundation set. then at Think Start Build, we can help you set this down.
If you have your foundation set, use Think Start Build to check your foundation. As you may be having missing pieces in your foundation of starting a business. Let us piece the puzzle together for you.

Think Start Build is built to help you grow your business. Christina Manalastas. build business


Now that you have your idea and your foundation, you can expand your business. Let’s start to wider audiences, update your content, and flourish! Think Start build can help you identify what areas need some work. Also, We can help how to best buffer those areas to boost your success in your business. We look forward to helping you make your dreams (and profits) bigger and better!

We know each business has unique needs for operation, management, advertisement, and online presence. So we personalize the plan for each separate business in collaboration with the owners and their vision for their business. To be part of the 25% that remains operational after 10 years, we want to do everything to help you succeed. To also feel on top of your work and enthusiastic through the process of growth and development. Are you ready to Think Start Build?

We look forward to helping you with your business needs and to grow your businesses together.