Extra website incentives at no extra cost

Image Viewers
Some images are so detailed they need to be viewed in large sizes. However, placing large images on webpages takes up too much space and makes navigation difficult. Think Start Build Image Viewers display large images in a manageable and useful size on webpages, yet allow users to enlarge images in a temporary window with a single click.

Photo Galleries
Use Think Start Build Photo Galleries when you want to display many images at once in a similar size. Photo Galleries combine the zoom in temporary window features of Image Viewers with the next and previous navigation features of Slideshow Players. Website visitors enjoy the convenience of viewing everything at a glance, yet can click on any image to zoom it larger and then click on next and previous buttons to see other images too. Advanced options for Photo Galleries include sizing, cropping, captions, links, and more.

YouTube Players
When you find a sharable video on YouTube that you want to include on your website, use Think Start Build YouTube Players. They minimize visitors leaving the website while watching YouTube videos. Plus, they can add YouTube videos created by others to the website. Even if you have access to video files, you can upload them to YouTube as a public videos then use Think Start Build YouTube Players to show them on the website to increase the potential number of views.

Video Players
You can choose to offer certain videos exclusively on the website using Think Start Build Video Players. They support many standard video formats including most files ending with .m4v, .mpg, .mov, .wmv, or .avi file extensions. To use Video Players, a playable video file is needed so they do not support videos from sharing or other websites. Video Players include easy to understand and use controls including play/pause, previous, next, scroll bar, volume, and full screen.

Audio Players
Website visitors can listen to audio introductions, voice descriptions, background music, and other MP3 files using Think Start Build Audio Players. To use them, a playable audio file is needed so they do not play music or audio from other websites. Video Players include easy to understand and use controls including play/pause, elapsed time, scroll bar, total time, mute/unmute, and volume. Advanced options include title, artist, and auto play.

File Downloads
Use Think Start Build File Downloads to offer website visitors the option to download information as a file using their web browser. They support almost any type of file up to 100MB (megabytes) in size. Best results are obtained using universal file types such as PDF for documents, MP3 for audio, and MPG for video, but common file types such as DOC for documents, PPT for presentations, and XLS for spreadsheets are an alternative since many programs can open them for viewing. File Downloads display a description that can include a file type to help visitors determine whether they can open the file.

Additional Pages
Think Start Build packages include a specific number of website pages so Additional Pages allows adding more pages when desired. Each extra page works like the others so they can include standard package items or optional enhancements. The total number of pages that can appear in a website’s menu is determined by the design and often limited to seven pages or less before requiring the Think Start Build Navigation Menus to support larger websites.

Navigation Menus
Think Start Build Navigation Menus groups pages and displays them below a website menu item. This helps to organize pages into related groups to help visitors navigate a website. Use Navigation Menus with Additional Pages to support large websites that would otherwise outgrow the number of pages that can appear on their menus.

Custom Forms
Gather the information you want from website visitors with Think Start Build Custom Forms. Forms include one or more fields that can be used to capture information such as name, email, phone number, address, comments, or any text or numerical information.
Individual form items can be designated as mandatory, which must be completed before the form is acceptance. Advanced options include multiple choice lists, single choice lists, drop down lists, and file uploads, help prompts, descriptive text, reference images, and more.

Interactive Blogs
Some information is better presented as a group of articles and Think Start Build Interactive Blogs a better choice for this than Additional Pages. One blog can conveniently organize and easily present tens or hundreds of articles, while displaying the information would require numerous additional pages. Advanced Interactive Blog options include article Tags, view by Category (tag), Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons, moderated Comments, and Subscriptions via RSS feeds.

Smartphone Views
Many people commonly visit websites using a smartphone or tablet. When this occurs, Smartphone Views automatically presents a mobile optimized website that is more convenient to use from devices with small screens. Visitors can switch between mobile and standard views with a single click to choose their preferred viewing style.