Social Media


  • Why use social media?


          • Allows customers to validate you as a legitimate and desirable business
          • Lets you stay ahead of your competition
          • Improves your organic search – you will come up earlier in browser searches
          • Reduces your marketing costs
          • Builds brand loyalty
          • Allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your customers
          • Gives your business a personality
          • Reaches audiences you didn’t even know were interested
          • Advertising through social networks is easy, cost efficient, and personable
          • Provides an excellent platform for testimonials
          • Improves customer service


  • What we do:


        • Update all company information across social networking websites
          • Update your profile with photos and your logo
        • Security
          • Security updates
          • Coding updates
        • Coding
        • Posting
          • Content creation
            • Facebook posts
            • Trending content
            • Original blog posts
            • Blog posts from similar/relevant companies
            • DIY posts
            • Polls
            • Advertisements
          • Giveaways (company approved/outreach)
        • Customers
          • Increase reviews
          • Increase customer interaction/engagement
          • Attract customers to call
          • Attract customers to website
        • Analytics
          • Analytics and ROI included
        • Ads
          • Lead generation
          • Encourage community engagement in advertising
          • Attract customers with ads
          • Bring interest and increase likes/shares

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