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How can TSB help your business?

How can TSB help your business? Does your business need help? Well its time to help your business. If you own your own business, chances are that you’re a pretty hard worker. Otherwise it would have been difficult to have gotten where you are currently. Think Start Build is intimately familiar with the potential struggles of starting and running a small business. We have the education and experience to be able to mitigate the process of building your business. So that you,…

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Why use TSB for coaching?

Why use TSB for coaching? I am going to try to make this extremely long story as short as possible. In College my first degree I studied was Electronical Engineering, I achieved my bachelors. During college, I was really trying to build up my resume, so I interned with a Business Developing Agency while working full time for an engineering company that built circuit boards. I may get a bit more into the business developing story later, however, there I…

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Business Types and Ownership Distinctions 101

Business Types and Ownership Distinctions 101     If you haven’t already started your company, chances are that you’re doing some research. Your Research may Intel on business types, financial logistics, and legal distinctions related to the opening of your company. If you intend to go into business by yourself, with partners, or as part of a corporation. Then there are some things to be aware of when starting your business. First of all, what types of businesses are there?…

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Grow your business with Think Start Build

GROW YOUR BUSINESS What is Think Start Build? Grow your business with Think Start Build, it is what we focus. We have all heard some of the scary-sounding statistics about small businesses. That fewer than half of all startups are still in operation five years after they open. The U.S. Census Bureau states near 25% of companies are still in operation after 10 years in business. That doesn’t sound promising for a small company at its beginning, nor for a…

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